The refurbished term refers to old or used technology that is replaced or restructured to perform like the new one. There are plenty of truths and misconceptions regarding refurbished phones. People suffer a financial loss when they tend to believe in word of mouth rather than doing research. You have taken the right step for searching and analyzing the real truths about refurbished phones. In this article, you will find the answers and truth about buying a refurbished phone and “Should you buy a refurbished phone?”.


The biggest misconception about refurbished phones is that they are not reliable. It is because people assume that.

  • There is something severely wrong with it.
  • It is used and can’t perform the full functionality compared to the original.


The truth is quite the opposite. Refurbished can perform more effectively as the device’s old parts are replaced with new parts using advanced technology. The significant advantage is that it saves a lot of money compared to buying a new one.


Statistical Analysis of using the refurbished phone.


According to Counterpoint Research 2019, 137 million used smartphones were sold in the US and Europe. That’s a huge number. Back in the 2018 spring survey, Consumer Reports members reported satisfactory feedback regarding the refurbished purchase. According to the data analysis of customer in 2018, 82% of refurbs users were highly satisfied. The stats show that 67% of refurbs buyers had no complaints at all. The customers that bought new phones had surveyed, and 69% said they had no complaints. It is just 2% more. The report concludes that refurbs are good but buying a refurbished phone needs proper attention. We recommend that you do a little extra homework. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of refurbs smartphones. It will help you better decide to go for refurbished or new.


Refurbished phones: pros and cons

‘Should I buy a refurbished phone?’ is the most frequently asked question to UEEPHONE. To be honest, we can’t make that decision for you. However, we can assist you in making the right decision. For this, let’s explore the pros and cons of refurbished phones.



  • Most people opt to purchase refurbs because it is economical compared to buying a brand new phone. It is sold at a lower price.
  • Refurbished phones are eco-friendly. It allows the user to recycle technology rather than waste it. On the whole, it has a good impact on the environment as it reduces our electronic waste.
  • The refurbs come neat and clean as they are sent back to manufactures for repair.
  • You can get a 12-month warranty on a refurbished smartphone when you buy from a big network or an established retailer.
  • A charging cable or charger is also provided with a refurbs phone.


  • Once the phone is used, the charming label of “new” is lost.
  • It is not guaranteed that you will receive all the accessories.
  • The lifespan of refurbs is unknown. For instance, battery life cannot be tested or checked.
  • You won’t get original packing. It is most likely that you’ll receive the phone in a simple plain box.

Environment-friendly smartphones.

Refurbs are environment friendly. If you choose to use the refurb phone, you are helping the earth. As the world is evolving and the environment is our main concern on a global scale. Second-hand devices reduce electronic waste. The electronic waste usually dumps in the earth, which causes damage to the soil. Re-used phones allow us to help human health and earth life. Industries and manufacturers are now using old parts to make it more advance rather than just wasting and dumping.


Summarizing to make the final decision.


Well, after analyzing the pros and cons of refurbs phones, it is clear that purchasing a refurbs phone is not a bad idea. However, you won’t get the feeling of unboxing a brand new phone. If you are more interested in using the phone rather than bragging and showing off, a refurbished phone is the best choice for you. It is going to save you a lot of money. One of the major concerns in purchasing a phone is reliability. The reliable wholesaler offers a guarantee as well, which signifies the value of reconditioned phones.

Now, it’s up to you that you need to use a phone or wish to have a charming ‘new’ label as well to show off. It can also be observed from stats that people have satisfactory feedback for refurbished phones. So, it can be summarized that buying a refurbished phone is a great idea. It is not only cost-efficient but also performance competence. It is recommended that you buy it from the manufacturer or reputable wholesaler. The reputable wholesaler will give you a 1-year warranty to cover any problems and allow you to enjoy your savings.



We have explored all aspects of refurbs phone. Now, it’s your time to conclude that either you wish to have a new phone or refurb phone. You can buy a new phone at a higher price with all the perks. However, the stats and analysis suggest that you purchase a refurbs phone. It will save a lot of money and by buying so, you are taking part in helping the earth. All you need is to find a reputable wholesaler that can offer you a warranty. So, in case of any issue, you can claim. The wholesaler that trusted by many large corporations and insurance companies. The one whose customer return rate below1%. Meeting all the criteria, one of the best wholesalers in the market of refurbs is UEEPHONE. It offers a 1-year warranty and provides grade A+ quality. The price is also remarkably low. Contact us to feel the best experience of purchasing a refurbs phone.