2020 soon turned from a year full of promises to a complete nightmare. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought life as we know to a standstill. Industries and various supply chains have taken a significant hit because of this devastating disease. It has fuelled a dramatic shift in the global trends of refurbished mobile phones and supply chains. There is now a significant demand for refurbished mobile phones at wholesale in the UK.
          While mobile phone manufacturers have taken a massive hit due to delayed launches and unprecedented price hikes, the market of refurbished smartphones is expected to grow significantly.
According to a Kenneth Research report, the refurbished mobile supply chain will see an exceptional boost from 2020 to 2026, with the key players being Europe, USA, South America, India, China, and Japan.

       Market analysis of refurbished mobile phones wholesale Europe

2019 saw a collective dip of around 6% in the refurbished smartphone segment in Europe, China, and the USA. However, the novel COVID-19 pandemic, although a disaster in most industrial sectors, has instilled life into the refurbished mobile phone sector. Owing to the several advantages of purchasing reconditioned smartphones from reliable dealers over physical shops, there is a rising demand in the wholesale refurbished cell phones in the USA, wholesale refurbished cell phones in Canada, and many other countries.

      Why will the demand for refurbished phones increase?

As opposed to “used” phones, refurbished smartphones are as good as new. These phones are also sold under the tag of “reconditioned,” “renewed,” and “pre-owned.” If you assume that just because cheap refurbished phones have performance issues, you are wrong. Before being available for sale as a refurbished model, all hardware and software issues are fixed. Therefore, you are basically purchasing a brand new smartphone at a much cheaper rate.
In this challenging scenario, the need for an ideal smartphone is indispensable as people are mostly working from a phone. However, it is difficult to purchase new cell phones as most physical stores are closed, and manufacturing units are usually not operational.
Therefore, there is a huge demand for smartphones in the market. Under such a situation, only a robust supply chain of refurbished mobiles can meet the increasing demand. The brands that enjoy the maximum demand for reconditioned models are Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Nippon Telephone, Green Dust, AtandT, etc. A large number of prospective buyers are looking for where to buy wholesale refurbished iPhones
Let’s see how COVID-19 affects the supply chain of pre-owned mobile phones.

      A dip in new smartphone sales:

According to a Deloitte study of 2016, the refurbished smartphone arena is a possible 17 billion dollar uncharted business. 2020 can make this real with the incredible surge in demand for reconditioned phones. These phones are increasingly becoming the trend as they offer the same “new phone” experience at a much cheaper and affordable price point. This is why the sale of newly launched cell phones has been experiencing a sharp decline.

      Retailers will shift more towards pre-owned mobiles:

Customers rely on retailers as they are the right person to guarantee a mobile phone’s efficiency. Retailers gradually understand the 180-degree convenience of refurbished phones. Big-box retailers like Apple and Samsung are also selling reconditioned models. This alone establishes the fact that the demand for phones in 2020 is exceptionally high. Along with third-party retailers, industry leaders are also coming into the scene. Even e-Commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon have launched platforms for the sale of refurbished phones. So, you can understand how intricate the supply has become.
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     Refurbished phones come with a considerable guarantee period:

COVID-19 has brought such a scenario where commoners need to think twice before every minor expense. In this circumstance, buying a new iPhone is something out of the question. However, you can purchase the same model’s refurbished version at a much lower price from a reliable retailer. What’s even more incredible is that online retailers like UEEPHONE offer an A+ quality reconditioned mobiles with a 12-month warranty. It is hard to top something like this.

     Refurbished mobiles fit a shrinking income:

One of the most noticeable effects of COVID-19 pandemic is the disruption of the world economy. Financial institutions across the world are having a hard time managing credit cycles. Most salaried professionals have seen a reduction in their assets. That being said, a properly functional mobile phone is one of the essential requirements. People want the first device at a price that doesn’t hurt their pockets. Only refurbished mobile supply chains can satisfy this requirement with ease.

Several research pieces have shown that the refurb segment of the European market is high in demand because of its cost-effectiveness. In fact, parts of the European countries are experiencing a stronger hold with the refurbished market. Even though some countries are still under temporary lockdown, the refurbished industry, especially iPhones, has started to recover.
With the rising decline in income, people are looking to purchase high-end devices at an affordable rate. Thus, the global refurbished market is expected to grow at a 17.6% rate. And that’s undoubtedly a win for both the industry and the consumers.

     Refurbished cell phones offer a huge margin:

The 2020 refurbished mobile industry is banking on the fact that new high-end cell phones are notoriously costly. And this is something that the common man simply cannot afford at this time. While reconditioned mobiles are as good as new to buyers, these also provide fantastic margins. Why? The lower price point initiates momentum in the supply chain, and henceforth, the math is clear.
What’s better? A new iPhone 7 selling at USD 666 or ten refurbished iPhone 7s selling at USD 267 each?
You know the answer.

    Refurbished phones maximize value:

It’s a cyclic process. There won’t be any supply chain of refurbished phones if people do not buy new phones in the first place. When a large number of consumers buy a refurbished phone, it automatically maximizes the value of the original or new model. The phase will continue as retailers encourage people to buy new phones and then sell it back so that it can be refurbished, thereby feeding into the cycle. This surge has been observed since 2017. However, retailers and manufacturers realize its impact this year, as an aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    To wrap it up…

With economic structure across the world crumbling due to COVID-19, every single factor will affect supply chains from macroeconomics. While most other e-commerce sites and manufacturers are finding it difficult to cope, the segment of refurbished phones has become a significant hit. The demands in the chain are expected to rise with every quarter. The cycle needs to run smoothly so that supply chains do not dry up.
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After all, a smartphone is much more than a piece of gadget- it’s a companion.