In recent years, we have received feedback from many customers. They once encountered many difficulties in the process of finding suppliers for refurbishing machines. Some of them even got heavy losses.

As a  refurbishing machine supplier with 10-year experience, we have our own strong supply capacity. From the selection of each part to the entire installation process, and then to the product molding, multiple tests. We all have a set of processes that have been optimized many times until now.

For the purpose of optimizing the market of refurbished mobile phones,  do not want more customers to be cheated, and in order to make it easier for buyers to find high-quality suppliers and avoid all kinds of damage, we have decided to list all the cases that our customers have encountered and the solutions. Attention: the following content is suitable for experienced refurbished cellphone wholesalers, companies, or individuals who have your own websites, and retail store sellers. All the following lists took from true fraud experiences.

5 Kinds Frauds

  1. Seller false website, that is, fraud website, this kind of fraud takes a rip of the high value from the market in refurbished mobile phones, refurbished two mobile phones, especially refurbished apple, samsung, etc. The transaction amount is large, but Low cost in website construction often can bring back high benefit. Once the customer made the payment, it was impossible to return it.
  2. The goods received by buyers are different from those sold on the website. Some are not usable at all.
  3. The buyer received the goods the same as on the website, but after a few days there were various problems. The seller made this product with poor accessories but did not do quality-inspection.
  4. The seller promises the warranty. Once there is any problem, all kinds of delay, the after-sales time is very long, or even disappear directly. Do not reply.
  5. The Sample order is in very good condition, but the official order is defective.

After reading the above case, I believe that everyone is afraid, but I also want to know if you can find the right supplier. The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at how to avoid the above fraud and minimize the damage.

5 Solutions

  • Solution for  1st problem, our plan is to carefully look at the content of the website, product category and contact information of the supplier. It is not from Shenzhen, Huaqiangbei, China. Huaqiang north to the world’s largest mobile phone refurbishment shipment. It’s usually a real supplier from this place.
  • As the goods are different from the pictures, remember to confirm repeatedly before shipment and ask the seller to take photos for confirmation before packing. It’s better to give them a specification for the product you want.
  • According to question 3, whether the accessories are good or not, and how about the quality control situation. Let the other side feel you are  experienced so they dare not use bad quality as good quality to sell to you.
  • Can buy a few small orders to try first, and test their after-sales service.
  • Even if the sample is confirmed, when placing a large order, we should follow up every step and ask for details.

Ok. If all the above can be done well, the loss rate can be reduced  greatly.

Finally, we welcome customers who have needs to contact us. Our product inventory is sufficient, quality A+++, carefully serve every customer. In addition, welcome to meet with us to discuss it.

thank you