At the end of 2017, the technological giants Apple presented two new mobile phones, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. After that, the iPhone 7 could not offer much more than the refurbished Apple iPhone 6. The fans were naturally cautious. So, what are the differences between these two new phones?


Difference between iPhone X and iPhone 8

Identical Processors

While it is essential to appreciate the differences between the two models, it is also worth noting the similarities. The iPhone X costs at least £ 300 more than the iPhone 8, depending on the chosen specifications, but both phones have the same technology. Both use iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. If I had to open the cases, I would find a Bionic A11 chip, M11 Motion coprocessors, and a neural engine. The iPhone 8 lacks a single domain, is the feature of facial recognition offered by the X: it works with the A11 chip and the neuronal engine. So, it’s something great in X that will definitely bring fans to stores.


Size Differences

The iPhone X is much larger and does not match the previous size conventions. The refurbished Apple iPhone 8 fits the same chassis as the 7 and 8 plus to the 7 plus cabinet, which is useful when you perform an upgrade. The X has a completely new dimension and is much larger than its predecessors.


Phone Security

In its first release, facial recognition was considered easy to cheat, with twins and similar to those who all agreed, but even worse, difficult to unlock by the real user, with errors of “face unrecognized.” Although this seems to be solved, there is no doubt that entering your phone is much slower than the proven fingerprint technology of the iPhone 8. But with the corrections for iOS 11, this will eliminate these initial problems because it really is what users love.


Wireless Charging

Lying behind its competitors, the X and 8 offer wireless charging without the need for a bulky box. Apple continues to use Qi for the time being, because its Air power pad should not be marketed until 2018. This means that it has to buy the additional pad and Qi wiring, which adds to the cost, in the vicinity of an additional £ 100 if not yet you have a charger but for practical reasons, it’s money well spent.


Battery Life Improvements

To be honest, both phones offer a great improvement in battery life, although the sacred winner may surprise you. Although much better than previous incarnations, the larger screen and some of the features of the X mean it offers about 12 hours of battery life. However, 8 makes it leave the water with a much longer autonomy of 15 hours (if not more). You do not need to get to your phone near the end of the day and find the red battery symbol: bonus.


Camera Extras

With almost identical back cameras, the X sees some new features of the front camera. Portrait mode and portrait mode are exclusive to X, as well as new emesis and CGI tips. Both models offer a high-quality image, which rivals many digital cameras.



These two phones are very different, but both have the Apple gadget we know and love. The choice will depend on your personal taste. There is no doubt that both will be a popular choice and that the iPhone will continue to occupy a prominent place at the top of the list of mobile technologies through these innovative offers.


Frequent Questions

Q: Does face ID work in the dark?


A: For Face ID to work, your phone needs your full attention. This means that your eyes should be open and look directly at the camera. Unfortunately, it will not work in the dark.


Q: What if a thief steals my phone, scans my face and makes a run for it?


A: First, it is very unlikely to happen. Second, in case of doubt, you can temporarily disable Face Touch identification.


Q: But what happens if I grow a beard or cut my hair?


A: Apple says Face ID says it will still be able to identify you.


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