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In a world where people are buried in their smartphones and tablets, it has become increasingly difficult to connect face-to-face. Perhaps this is why online dating has become such a popular way to meet people in recent years. But after spending so much time engulfed in our technology, it has come to researchers’ attention that we now factor smartphone usage into our decision on a potential partner. For those of you getting back into the dating scene in 2019 or 2020, make sure your cell phone isn’t a deal-breaker before your next date.

So is your love life really in jeopardy due to your smartphone? The statistics from the most recent Singles in America survey speak for themselves. After surveying 5,500 American singles in 2016, here is what the researchers found.



  1. Let’s face it. Our cell phones are practically glued to our hands nowadays, but that’s no excuse to answer a call during your date! A whopping 75 percent of the singles surveyed said taking a call on a first date is an absolute no-no. Save yourself the temptation and put your phone on silent.
  2. Cracked screens happen to the best of us, but men, you better get that screen replacement before your first date! Women are 86 percent more likely to judge a man for having a cracked screen.
  3. Do you have an older model phone? Check if you’re eligible for an upgrade before your next date! Singles who owned older model phones are 56 percent less likely to get a date over the course of a year. Ladies are especially particular about older devices. In fact, they are 92 percent more likely to judge you if you own an older model phone.
  4. It turns out singles are all about phone compatibility. According to Match’s survey, Android users are 15x more likely to negatively judge an iPhone user. Likewise, iPhone users are 21x more likely to negatively judge an Android user. Be sure to find out whether your date is Team Android or Team iPhone!
  5. Ultimately, cell phones are making it hard for millennials to truly connect and create in-person relationships. Based on the Singles in America survey, 22 percent of millennials feel that technology, in general, has made finding love a difficult feat.

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