Is Your Device Collecting Dust? Here’s How to Repurpose an Old cellphone

While electronics may only account for 2% of the physical trash found in America’s landfills, they equate to 70% of overall toxic waste. The same fact applies to other countries.Our devices contain high traces of fossil fuels, lead, and other hazardous chemicals, which all cause severe damage to both environmental and human health. As technology moves forward, and we seek newer, more advanced gadgets, we should choose to repurpose our older devices rather than immediately discarding them. Ueephone repair department shares five recommendations on how to repurpose a refurbished cellphone.

Learn How to Repurpose a refurbished cellphone with 5 Eco-Friendly Solutions

Deciding to upgrade to a newer tablet doesn’t mean your old device is obsolete! Learn five useful ways to make the most of your original gadget.





1.Share with Children

Given that most children’s devices end up damaged or lost, you probably don’t want to invest in the latest smartphone for their use. If your little one has been asking for a cellphone, this could be the perfect opportunity to avoid shelling out the big bucks for a flashy new gadget. If you’re worried about giving your child free rein on social media and other apps, you can set parental controls and download some learning tools. You can also turn the old refurbished cellphone into an e-reader.



2.Digital Cookbook

Most of us don’t want to bring our new gadgets into the mess that our kitchen becomes when prepping meals. But, how else can we Google our favorite recipes? Instead of taking chances with an expensive new cellphone, turn your old device into a digital cookbook whose touchscreen you’re not as paranoid about getting dirty!






3.Digital Photo Frame

Show off your favorite memories and give your home a more modern look by turning your tablet into a digital photo frame. You can choose one static photo to display, or you can create a montage of your favorite images through MovaviSlideLab, or another video slideshow app. These apps let you transfer your images directly from your Apple, Samsung, or another smartphone.


You don’t have to hang on to your old phone to make the most of its life. You can donate it to the who need it more than you.


Ueephone Repair department encourages everyone to learn how to repurpose old cellphone and other devices to help eliminate many of the toxins. If your cellphone is in working condition, you can do your part by finding a way to reuse it around the house and giving it a new life. We ( the best refurbished cellphone supplier in Shenzhen, China.

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