Shenzhen is the largest consumer electronic market city in China, and it attract more and more foreigner to come.where did these foreigner mostly go? the answer is huaqiangbei which is also called huaqiang bei, or hua qiang bei,or huaqiang north. it is a name of a road in the central area of Shenzhen city. there are so many electronics markets like Saige (SEG) Electronics Market ,Ming Tong Market,Long Sheng Market ,Tong Tian Di Market and Hua Lian Fa Market etc,and different market focus on selling different consummer products.

Our manufactuer team colleagues in Tong Tian Di Market often meet some foreigners. why they come? they come to shenzhen just want to cut trading company and try to cooperate with the direct manufacturer or factory to get better price and better quality.however,our suggestion is that if you are consumer products buyer like speaker,digital camera,smart wristbands or earphone spare parts,it is a good idea to do so.but if you are refurbished smartphone buyer like refurbished iphone,refurbished samsung or other refurbished phone brands,as a professional manufacturer supplier,we don’t suggest you to come to shenzhen directly to find a manufacturer supplier if you have no business guide in shenzhen or you are familiar with huaqiangbei.

The reasons below:

1)it will be very very difficult for you to find where to purchase the refurbished cell we mentioned above, there are so many markets in huaqiangbei. if you entered into wrong market ,you might be cheated to get high copy iPhones or high copy Samsung phones.

2) Most of the manufacturer can not speak english.maybe you find a very reliable supplier before leaving shenzhen,but it will be difficult for further communication. in additon, most of the manufacturer are not fimilar at exporting,so you still need to find a international logistic company.

3)As we mentioned in our earlier blog:Whether there is a factory for refurbished smartphone in china ? some of the refurbished smartphone manufacturers are small sized,and only focus on refurbishing few phone models.if you both need refurbished samsung and refurbished iphone models,it is not easy to find. you know, there are more than 1000 refurbished smartphone manufacturers in the market,who to believe? who to cooperate?

4)The mostly important is that,there are few quality standard for refurbished cell phones especially for refurbished iphone and refurbished samsung,even refurbished nokia mobiles.they are grade A+,GradeA,Grade B,Grade C. and you might get Grade C refurbished phones but with Grade A price.

So if you are going to start refurbished smartphone business or change supplier, what should you do ? the proper way is bellow:

Step 1:try to search some refurbished smartphone suppliers(if you are lucky, you will find some suppliers like us that they are not only Marketing but also Manufacturing refurbished smartphones)pls do believe that the wholesale refurbished smartphone Manufacturer suppliers really exist.

Step 2:compare them.

Step 3:pay close attention to their website or shop to recognize they are trading company or manufacturer.

Step 4:chose the best of them to place a sample order to check quality.

Step 5:if the sample order quality is not bad, before make permanent cooperation,we suggest you to come to their office for double

Finally,if any of you are going to visit china in the near future,welcome to contact us,we will try our best to give you the best advice if you need.