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Apple iPhone wholesale prices

Brand &Model(s)Quality StatusPrice in USD (Handset Only)Remarks
iPhone 5S 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$58.0Our Grade A+ refurbished iPhones with following features:
1)Looks like new, no scratches,tested & fully functional
2)Original LCD!!(Not OEM LCD!!)
3)Original good unrepaired motherboard only
4)Renew with original parts
6)IMEI Match, No iCloud locked
7)battery >90%
iPhone 5S 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$69.0
iPhone SE A1662 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$79.9
iPhone SE A1662 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$84.6
iPhone SE A1662 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$104.4
iPhone SE A1723 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$81.5
iPhone SE A1723 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$86.2
iPhone SE A1723 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$106.0
iPhone 6 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$84.6
iPhone 6 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$100.3
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$120.7
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$145.7
iPhone 6S 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$106.6
iPhone 6S 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$126.9
iPhone 6S Plus 16GBGrade A+(Like new)$158.3
iPhone 6S Plus 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$180.2
iPhone 7 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$150.4
iPhone 7 128GBGrade A+(Like new)$163.0
iPhone 7 Plus 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$235.1
iPhone 7 Plus 128GBGrade A+(Like new)$250.7
iPhone 8 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$260.1
iPhone 8 256GBGrade A+(Like new)$294.3
iPhone 8 Plus 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$313.4
iPhone 8 Plus 256GBGrade A+(Like new)$348.1
iphone X 64GBGrade A+(Like new)$438.8
iphone X 256GBGrade A+(Like new)$474.6

Used iPhone wholesale prices

Brand &Model(s)Quality StatusPrice in USD (Handset Only)Remarks
Used iPhone 5S  16GBGrade A$54.0What is Grade A used condition mean?
fully working,good and unrepaired motherboard,original LCD, IEMI matches, Unlocked and with little scratches.
In addition, pls notice that we offer 3 months quality warranty for all the used phones we sold out.
Used iPhone 5S  32GBGrade A$64.9
Used iPhone 5S 64GBGrade A$81.1
Used iPhone SE  A1723 16GBGrade A$78.8
Used iPhone SE  A1723 32GBGrade A$86.5
Used iPhone SE  A1723 64GBGrade A$106.0
Used iPhone 6 16GBGrade A$95.7
Used iPhone 6 64GBGrade A$120.4
Used iPhone 6 128GBGrade A$143.4
Used iPhone 6 plus 16GBGrade A$120.4
Used iPhone 6 plus 64GBGrade A$151.3
Used iPhone 6 plus 128GBGrade A$168.4
Used iPhone 6S 16GBGrade A$101.9
Used iPhone 6S 64GBGrade A$128.2
Used iPhone 6S 128GBGrade A$143.4
Used iPhone 6S Plus 16GBGrade A$162.1
Used iPhone 6S Plus 64GBGrade A$208.5
Used iPhone 6S Plus 128GBGrade A$233.8
Used iPhone 7 32GBGrade A$166.8
Used iPhone 7 128GBGrade A$197.6
Used iPhone 7 256GBGrade A$233.8
Used iPhone 7 Plus 32GBGrade A$282.6
Used iPhone 7 Plus 128GBGrade A$305.7
Used iPhone 7 Plus 256GBGrade A$321.1
Used iPhone 8 64GBGrade A$285.7
Used iPhone 8 256GBGrade A$319.6
Used iPhone 8 Plus 64GBGrade A$378.3
Used iPhone 8 Plus 256GBGrade A$459.9
Used iPhone X  64GBGrade A$475.4
Used iPhone X  256GBGrade A$506.6

Samsung wholesale prices

Brand &Model(s)Quality StatusPrice in USD (Handset Only)
Samsung Galaxy S9 G960A/T/V/PGrade A+(Like new)$258.6
Samsung Galaxy S9 G960FGrade A+(Like new)$336.9
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus G965A/T/V/PGrade A+(Like new)$274.3
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus  G965FGrade A+(Like new)$344.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960A/T/V/PGrade A+(Like new)$391.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FGrade A+(Like new)$438.8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950A/T/V/PGrade A+(Like new)$242.9
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N950FGrade A+(Like new)$274.3
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB  G950A/T/V/PGrade A+(Like new)$203.7
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB  G950FGrade A+(Like new)$211.6
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB  G955A/T/V/PGrade A+(Like new)$219.4
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB  G955FGrade A+(Like new)$235.1

Sony wholesale prices

Brand &Model(s)Quality StatusPrice in USD (Handset Only)
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium E6853Grade A+(Like new)$99.9
Sony Xperia XZ  F8331Grade A+(Like new)$83.8
Sony Xperia Z3 D6603/D6653Grade A+(Like new)$50.0
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Z3mini D5803Grade A+(Like new)$46.7
Sony Xperia Z L36H C6602/ C6603Grade A+(Like new)$38.7
Sony Xperia Z1 L39H C6902/C6903/C6906Grade A+(Like new)$40.3
Sony Xperia Z2 D6503Grade A+(Like new)$48.4
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact D5503Grade A+(Like new)$40.3
Sony Xperia X Compact F5321Grade A+(Like new)$90.3

LG wholesale prices

Brand &Model(s)Quality StatusPrice in USD (Handset Only)
LG G4 H811/H810Grade A+(Like new)$43.5
LG G4 H818/H815Grade A+(Like new)$46.7
LG G5  H831 CA VersionGrade A+(Like new)$66.1
LG G5  H820 US VersionGrade A+(Like new)$66.1
LG G5  H850Grade A+(Like new)$82.2
LG G5  H860 HK VersionGrade A+(Like new)$88.7
LG V20 H910Grade A+(Like new)$85.4
LG V30 V300 64GB KR VersionGrade A+(Like new)$145.1
LG V30 US998 64GB Sprint US VersionGrade A+(Like new)$177.3
LG V30 H930DS 128GB HK VersionGrade A+(Like new)$282.1
LG V30 H930  64GBGrade A+(Like new)$185.4
LG V30 H931  64GBGrade A+(Like new)$185.4
LG G6 H871 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$77.4
LG G6 H873 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$85.4
LG G6 VS988 32GBGrade A+(Like new)$85.4
LG G6 H870 32GB  EU VersionGrade A+(Like new)$125.7

All the above prices for refurbished cellphones are wholesaling based on 50+ units. (Mixed order from different models are available )

What’s more, If you have devices for sale that are not on the list, please email us at info@ueephone.com directly, and we would like to send you a custom quote.

For any further questions, please check out the FAQs page or contact us.

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