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Buy iPhone wholesale online in bulk from Ueephone with complete confidence. 1-year warranty provided. From the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 5C. 

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Retailing wholesale iPhones? Is it a good business to start with?

The primacy of apple over the other brands is no secret! iPhones- Who doesn’t root for them? And it’s like a “cherry on the top” if the prices don’t make holes in your customer’s pocket. Furthermore, being an iPhone distributor is undoubtedly less risky and more profitable than other brands because of their value span. So if you are an apple iPhone wholesale supplier, then your magic spell to profitability is right here at UEEPHONE. Hence, choosing us as your supplier means unlocking a whole new experience in iPhone wholesale services!

We understand the challenges you face while searching for the right apple iPhone wholesale services. That’s why our services are curated to offer you a seamless experience like never before.

Your best resort to buy iPhone at wholesale price: 

We get it! You are searching for a price that can make a difference over your competitors! The good news: Ueephone is there to back you up! With us, you get iPhone wholesale price that is profitable and peerless. We have the best collection of apple iPhones that include the iPhone’s base model to the most advanced ones in all colours and sizes. So with an unbeatable price, you are availing yourself of a one-stop solution for all your diverse needs that you need to fill up your wholesale business with. Isn’t that all you aimed?

What to expect when you buy wholesale iPhones from

Well, that’s an obvious question any customer would go for! Well, to answer that, we have so many aspects that set us up from the competitors: 

  • With ueephone, you get top-notch quality iPhones.
  • We offer at a price that makes you ahead of your competitors.
  • The performance of our devices is up to the mark that any customer would expect. 
  • Our wholesale iPhone devices go through an in-depth inspection to side any defective pieces. 
  • An issue with any device doesn’t go unsolved. We repair and work on the problem before it goes out for sale.
  • If our iPhone is beyond repair, we make sure it does not get out in our customer’s hands.
  • We delegate our iPhones with a grade or standard based on their performance and condition.
  • We offer unlocked iPhones through our expertise to save you from any discomfort.
  • We keep you updated on your order and processes.

How to buy a wholesale iPhone online?

Are you wondering where to start with? This section will cover you up! The process that we go through is simple and convenient for our customers to follow, so be ready to make your first kick with ueephone.

Price inquiry> offer price> order confirm> make invoice> make payment> make shipment> tracking> order finish.

Wholesalers all around the globe have their confidence in us, and we never cease to amaze them with our top-notch services. We aspire to be the one that customers chose to buy iPhones in Bulk. Ueephone stands proud of its unique services that will surely give you competitive advantages over your market peers. 

Our Strictest QC Process Below

All of the iPhones are subjected to extremely rigorous technical inspection & safe packaging as well. this guarantees that the items you receive will correspond exactly to what you have purchased.


1. Turn on

2. Appearance Checking

3. Blacklight Inspection


4. IMEI Match

5. Speaker Test

6. Camera Test


7. Charging Test

8. Fingerprint Test


9. Delete Data


10. Wipe Clean


11. Turn off


12. Accessories Included


13. Finished Test

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14. Packing


We offer a variety of grades. Our grades include:

Grade A+: Do not have any signs of use.

Grade A: Do not have any signs of use.

Grade B: Appear flawless at first glance and have minor blemishes that are visible on close inspection and/or under light.

Grade C: May have deep scratches, scuffs, dents, and other cosmetic defects.

To read more about how we grade, click here.

While the bulk of our inventory is made up of Apple and Samsung products, our stock list is always changing. We commonly carry HTC, LG, Motorola, and many others too.

Our process is simple and convenient.

submit inquiry→offer price→order confirm→make an invoice→make payment→make shipment→tracking→order finish

If you’re interested in viewing our price list, submit a contact form to get started and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly.

Our stocklist is updated throughout the day.

If you’re interested in viewing our stock list, submit a contact form to get started and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly.

As soon as your parcel is on the way, you will receive an email with a tracking number from us, which will enable you to track the parcel from us to your home or the collecting point.

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