we can tell you that the final answer is NO!
The truth is hundreds of second-used cellphone shops located in the Tongtiandi market, and they are offering all kinds of materials to do a refurbished phone. 

 so What is the difference between Huaqiangbei and TongTianDi?

  • The Huaqiangbei electronics market is the biggest wholesale electronics market in Shenzhen, China.
  •  TongTianDi Market is a market for a second-hand mobile and parts  in Huaqiangbei.
    The following photos for your reference

Is There a Factory For Refurbished Smartphones?
As a result, it gave birth to quantities of refurbished smartphone workshops surrounding the TongTianDi Market.


    2  Kinds of Refurbished Cellphone Suppliers you need to know 

     The first one is small. About 10-15 trained employees which are very good at refurbishing smartphones. and they usually focus on refurbishing a few phone models or just one brand. They normlly purchase the used mobiles and replacement parts from TongTianDi Market directly, often can not recycle.

     The second is large-sized manufacturers with employees above 100.and they are often in different teams. And each of these teams will be in charge of one working process, such as recycling second-hand mobile phones or used ones, refurbishing parts, assembleing machines, and so on.


So if you are going to wholesaling refurbished smartphones, we suggest you cooperate with largely-sized manufacturers like us.

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