Corporate Cell Phone Repairing

If you are in search of an efficient service to repair devices at fair rates, your search ends here with UEEPHONE. We, here at UEEPHONE, provide phone repairing services to B2B customers and Business customers only. We mainly deal in Apple and Samsung devices. However, we are looking forward to expanding on the top brands we can cover.

What are the services offered by us?

There are plenty of services we can offer to you which are performed by experts only.

  • Touch Screen Replacement
  • Device Display Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Speaker and Microphone Replacement
  • Buttonsand Plugs Replacement
  • Water Damage Repairing
  • Quality Check for Each Part
  • Inside and Outside Cleaning
  • DataReceipt
  • Complete Servicing of Devices
  • Excellent Customer Support

& there are more you’ll get to know when you are dealing with us.

Basics: Customers will be receiving manufacturer-independent repairing services with a clear receipt of the data. We usually carry forward your order request within 24-48 hours of collecting your device/request. You’ll also receive a 6 or 12 months warranty on the replaced parts and carried out repairment, obviously excluding physical damage.

Applied Technology: Original or Identical to manufacturer technology and spare parts are only used here at UEEPHONE. We perform an inspection test to find out the defects in the devices before we start repairing them. If any other defects are there in the phones, we let our customers know that too. Lastly, we ensure that each device works 100% fine before delivering it to you by running an output test.

Service: We inform if repairing or replacement of parts costs more than 50% of a brand new purchase. We manage the invoices well in order to maintain reliable customer support.

Trained Workers: Here at UEEPHONE, a team of experts works efficiently to make the devices run perfectly fine. We only use the latest technology and types of equipment to find, rectify and repair the defects.

Brands we deal in: As mentioned above, we deal in only Apple and Samsung devices only as of now.

Our priority is providing the best quality services to the community. Furthermore, our vision is to offer the most competitive price & reliable customer support. So finally, you can get long-term & stable win-win cooperation.

If you are the one who wants your devices to be repaired by professionals, feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll glad to assist you!

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