The Guide of Second Hand Wholesale Phones – How To Judge The Quality Of Second Hand Mobile Phones

Many second-hand phones buyers have heartfelt wishes towards a low price yet high-quality phone when they want to buy cell phone in bulk, wholesale cell phones, but the traditional offline transaction scenarios and asymmetric messages in the market make them unable to understand the market. Especially buy iPhone in bulk or buy Samsung in Bulk as These two [...]

The Secrets Behind the Wholesale of Used Cell Phones and Refurbished Cell Phones

In today’s world, there is about 80,000 to 100,000 used iPhones and Samsung are being recycled every single day. Where will these bulk iPhones and Samsung phones go? Bulk iPhones will go through the process of disassembly to refurbishment and also spare parts production, but how does this mature second-hand iPhone reprocessing chain work? Second-hand cell phones usually [...]