Many used cell phones wholesalers have heartfelt wishes towards a low price yet high-quality phone when they want to buy used phones in bulk. but the traditional offline transaction scenarios and asymmetric messages in the market make them unable to understand the market. In terms of price, there is no unified pricing standard for a used phone off the market. In terms of quality, the traditional market is flooded with a large number of assembly machines, maintenance parts, and high imitation machines. For corporate procurement, there is no mature technical reference for them to judge on the good ones and poor ones. Without seeing the actual goods, the pricing and quality of used phones are controlled by wholesale cellular phone distributors. The interests of sellers and buyers cannot be guaranteed.

Today we will discuss ways to judge the quality of used phones.


How to grade the appearance of a used phone?

Every used phone is unique. The degree of wear and tear and its depreciation differs from case to case.

The appearance of used mobile phones is mainly divided into the following levels:

1、99% new: Almost new, unused, with official warranty.

2、95% new: used, the appearance looks like new and has no traces of use, no functional defects, and can be used normally.

3、90% new: Slight scuffs or slight scratches on the appearance, a few traces of use, no paint drop, no appearance damages, no functional defects, and can be used normally.

4、85% new: scuffs or slight paint peeling, obvious signs of use, no appearance defects, no functional defects, and can be used normally.

5、80% new: scuffs, scratches, paint peeling, or some damage on appearance, no repair history, no functional defects, and can be used normally.

6、70% new or below: has obvious appearance damage or being repaired, without any functional defects, and can be used normally.

7、60% new or below 60%: the appearance is severely damaged, or there are major functional defects that affect normal use.

8、Discarded used phones: The phone is completely unusable and is a scrapped one.

What are the basic criteria to evaluate the grading of used phones?

The entire evaluation system of used phones is mainly judged by the aspects of the model, capacity, quality assurance, quality, and fineness. Among the evaluation standard of all, the iPhone motherboard and the screen of Samsung are the most important evaluation criterion.

Let’s use iPhone as an example:

1、Model and capacity: Generally, the depreciation price of the used iPhones is higher than other brands. The newer the iPhone is to the model, the higher the depreciation of price. For example, the depreciation price of the iPhone 12 is higher than iPhone 11 assuming all other conditions are equal. The same goes for the higher the capacity of the used phone, the higher the depreciation price.

2、Warranty (Quality Assurance): If a used iPhone is still officially insured (within the official warranty period), it can be replaced for an official replacement, so its depreciation price will be relatively higher.

3、Motherboard quality: Obvious repair on the motherboard(missing parts in the shielding cover, RAM repair, flash memory repair, jump wire), water ingress, breakage, or card reader baseband signal, cannot be activated due to account/password/lock, GPS and Apple fingerprint face problems will affect the quality of the motherboard. Other affecting factors include the originality of the motherboard, water ingress, and the modification of memory.

4、Screen quality: Whether the display screen has obvious yellowing, red screen, or bright spots. Whether the screen is original or replaced.

5、Battery health: The efficiency of the battery should not be less than 80%.  If the battery efficiency is less than 80%, the battery needs to be replaced.

Used phones are not standard products. The unclear descriptions of purchase standards, transportation efficiency, customs risks, and even fraud have all become pain points in the transaction process for buyers and sellers who trade internationally.

So a gentle reminder from UEEPHONE to all cell phone wholesale distributors: Please ensure that you have correctly described purchasing requirements, understand detailed transportation methods, identify the seller’s payment account number, and check the outbound list (detailed mobile phone IMEIs must be attached) before you buy cell phones in bulk at wholesale prices (be it iPhone wholesale or Samsung phones wholesale). After receiving the goods, you must test the quality as soon as possible.